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Installation and Technical Support

Years of working closely with customers has created a knowledge bank containing detailed information of the applications, expectations and operational systems of each individual client.

It has become important in today’s market to not just be able to supply a product, but offer a backup with a comprehensive support package, which is offered by Cess Automation’s Technical Support team. Clients can avail full consultation and design specifications for site work. Other solutions in the offering are:

At Cess Automation we offer :

Application Survey 
Trial Arrangements 
Commissioning Services 
Service Contracts / Preventive Maintenance 
Repair Services

Application Survey:

If industrial Automation is a new subject for you, CESS AUTOMATION engineers will visit the site to look at the application, and tell you more about what to expect and how to optimize the output of your operation. They will assess the suitability of the correct product and offer an ideal cost-effective solution as per the application. Any limitations in the existing system shall be identified and modified to make your system smooth and efficient.

Trial Arrangements :

Cess Automation Sales and Application team offers short or long term trials to assess the suitability of products and service a customer intends to buy so that correct selection of models can be made.

Commissioning Service :

Cess Automation offers the services of a qualified and experienced engineer who visits the site and commissions the Automation equipment, whether it is an AC Drive, PLC, AC Servo or a Complete Control Panel. The site visit can be for general services or when any preventive or emergency support is required.

Repair and Maintenance Support

Cess Automation can offer the services of a fully, qualified, experience engineer to visit site and commission the Automation equipment, whether it is AC Drive, PLC, AC Servo or a complete control panel. Our engineers can visit site for general services, preventive or any emergency support is required.

Service Contracts / Preventive Maintenance :

Cess Automation has made phenomenal investments in the area of 'services' and has supported the engineer's arsenal with power-packed tools and equipments and an expertise to carry out repair activities after understanding the site conditions from the customer. From complete control panels to individual product selling, Cess Automation has successfully captured the customer's attention in the wide range of its offerings and has in return satisfied the customer by giving him the value for his money. In like manner, Cess Automation has maintained the same standards for after-sales whereby comprehensive service contracts are provided as a part of its back-up service facility for automation products sold and commissioned by the company.

Repair Services:

Cess Automation has developed excellent state-of-the-art setup to repair the products which means that any product sold by Cess Automation and covered under “Service/Repair” policy can be returned to Cess Automation for repair / service and the same will be returned back after service to cater minimum breakdown time. The repair department stocks necessary spares of the products or “Service products” to meet emergency situations.