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A230 OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


The A-Series is the universal compact system for grey-scale processing. Proven in thousands of applications, it is safe and reliable. With a great variety of different inspection elements, it can handle all the common image processing tasks.

Three Excellent Variants Available

The A210 Multichecker is truly multi-talented. Two cameras can be accommodated and evaluated simultaneously. Thanks to its special processor, it can achieve the fastest inspection times and is thus also suitable for more complex problems. The A230 OCR is a special version of the Multichecker software. It has additional powerful algorithms available for reading characters and for checking imprint quality. The A110 Multichecker is used for all inspection tasks for which one camera is sufficient and for which speed is not of the essence. Its good price makes it ideal for those just venturing into image processing.

Key features

  • OCR Software Package - Works tough under difficult circumstances
  • Diverse Inspection Functions - 2D measurement, position detection, sorting/counting, assembly checking, surface checking, matching, and more!
  • Small Hardware with Maximum Computing Power, Reliability, and Simple Communication!
  • Small, Fast, & Clever
  • Setting with Easy Key Operation - Set inspection parameters with a menu-based interface
  • Protection - Define what options are accessible to the operator
  • Global Compatibility - Multiple languages supported
  • Flexible - 14 digital outputs, 11 inputs

Photoelectric Sensors


PV310 / PV500 Micro-Imagechecker


Advanced ultra high-speed image processor

The PV310 inherits image processing technology derived from many years of research and hands on experience in the field. Even more importantly, it is designed for the kind of performance demanded by our customers. Utilizing two processor technology, unique high speed processing technology, and easy to use sophisticated functions, we have created a gray scale image processing device that reaches an even higher level of perfection.

Flaw Detection and Surface Inspection

The PV310 combines sophisticated flaw detection functions with an easy to use set up. Scratches, stains, chipped edges and other defects can be easily processed, and by using its thirteen different pre-processing filters, reliability and accuracy of every inspection task is increased.

360 Degree Smart Matching

This function has been improved to inspect workpieces from 0 to 360 degrees. This function detects the presence or absence of a pattern or template. Smart Matching can be used for pick and place robotic applications... where it is required to locate many pieces at any rotation angle in the same field of view. In addition, using its gray scale differential processing function, shape and defect inspections can be carry out simultaneously reducing the inspection and programming time.

Key features

  • Contour Matching - Stable position detection for overlapping pieces.
  • Exported Images at Real Time Using its Ethernet Port (100BASE-TX)
  • FREE AX Tool Software - For easy project management!
  • FREE Image Receiver Software - For easy image transfers!
  • Branch Execution/Designated Execution - Change inspection routines immediately. Tooling is a thing of the past.
  • Auto Area Adjustment - Inspection area can be adjusted automatically to the workpiece size.
  • Low Contrast Matching - Workpiece is detected even if the contrast to the background is low or if the workpiece itself is damage.

Photoelectric Sensors


AE20 Light Pix Image Checker


Bridges the gap in Photoelectric Sensors and Machine Vision

Due to their working principle, conventional photoelectric sensors are not always suitable for certain inspection applications. Also, object surfaces that change or reflect poorly can cause unstable detection. On the other hand, a Machine Vision system is often oversized or uneconomical. The solution for such intermediate cases is the Vision Sensor LightPix AE20. It offers basic two dimensional inspection yet is as easy to operate as a sensor.

Rugged IP 67 Body, Excellent Connectivity

Like a sensor, AE20 is suitable for usage in harsh industrial environment. Its compact aluminum housing and its protected connectors conform to the protection class IP67. LightPix AE20 features several interfaces. During setup, it communicates via its USP port with the PC. Alternatively, you can use the operation and finder units to make settings. These units can also monitor images and results during inspection, which can be transferred to a PLC via the LightPix AE20's parallel I/Os or serial RS232C interface. Last but not least, AE20 can be connected to our GT11 touch terminals, which allows you to create individual user interfaces.

Key features

  • Cost effective, speedy and precise
  • Free Software AETOOL for easy setup
  • Easy modification of firmware from PC
  • Image Storage Function - Dedicated memory for real-time image storage
  • Rugged IP67 metal body
  • Speedy and Precise
  • All-In-One - Camera, light, lens and CPU
  • Easy installation and easy setup
  • 6 Changeable Inspection Packages via USB upload - Color Area Measurement, Color Differentiation, Color Pattern Matching, Edge Detection, Corner Detection, Size Measurement
  • FREE AE Tool Software - For easy setup!

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Ax40 Image Processing Device


Color and grey-scale image processing in one unit

The AX40 combines the powerful grey-scale image processing of the A100/200 Multichecker with the possibilities of color processing. Now you can handle those demanding inspection tasks that used to require two different units, with just one AX40. An integrated solution that saves you money, time and installation expenditure.

One System - Three Methods of Inspection

  • Color Extraction: This processing extracts specified colors only. Eight colors can be specified for each Inspection Condition Type and Memory.
  • Gray Scale Processing: In this processing, camera signals are processed into an image composed of 256 shades (0 to 255) of gray. These 256 shades are called a Grey scale.
  • Differential Processing: This processing computes variations in brightness by comparing the gray scale values of the target pixel and its neighboring pixels on a gray scale image. The computed variance is called a differential value.

Photoelectric Sensors


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